Mitrano & Associates

Advisors for Non-Profits and Higher Education

“The world is becoming increasingly digital. Every major corporation needs a software strategy, needs a data strategy. If not, then you have no real strategy.” Eric Schmidt, CEO Google, Inc.

Mitrano & Associates offers a suite of administrative advisory and operational services for the educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations.

Mitrano on Distance Learning and the Future of Higher Education

Administrative Advising Services

Higher education law

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Contracts
  • Employment

Intellectual property

  • Copyright, Trademark and Tech Transfer
  • HEOA Copyright Compliance
  • Institutional IP Policies, including Distance Education

Higher education policy

  • Administration, Finance and Human Resources
  • Governance, Record Retention and Risk Management
  • Information Technology

Resource development strategies

  • Government contracts management
  • Grant writing and accounting
  • Contract compliance

Cloud contracts and processes

  • Contract formation for privacy, data security and business continuity
  • Legal, security, policy, technology and communications implementation of cloud contracts
  • Information, technology and business process alignment

Professional management coaching

  • Career and peer coaching
  • Organization development
  • Leadership training

Information management

  • Privacy, data security and regulatory compliance
  • Information, technology and business process alignment
  • Information stewardship and custodianship programs

Full stack web development

  • Basic websites
  • Ruby on Rails-based web apps
  • iPhone and iPad apps

Academic Administrative Services

Inter-institutional course development

  • Faculty directory search services to find international faculty cohorts
  • Pedagogical strategies, teaching and learning methods in a synchronistic and asynchronistic on-line environment
  • Policy, technology, and reference library support

Information and digital literacy programs

  • Program and curriculum development
  • Policy development for academic freedom, academic integrity and intellectual property
  • Full stack development of on-line programs

Copyright, social networking, and privacy

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Higher Education Opportunity Act “peer to peer” compliance
  • Institutional on-line marketing and social networking strategies
  • Institutional policy for faculty, students and staff for on-line, social networking activities and use

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